The Fountain Set Group believes that, being provided with suitable conditions, every staff has the potential to develop and glow. Therefore, we have always prioritized the health and wellbeing of our staff. To recruit and retain talents, we review and adjust our employment policy from time to time to ensure the competiveness of the Group’s remuneration policies in the industry. We will continue to provide employees with challenging and fulfilling career prospects and opportunities for personal development.


Corporate Culture

The Group takes pleasure in arranging various kinds of recreational activities for the staff to foster employee relations and to enhance internal communication while cultivating a pleasant and harmonious work atmosphere. A “Staff Recreation Committee” was established to organize after-work activities such as bowling competitions, Mahjong competitions, charity walks and the like for our employees.

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Training & Development

Continuous learning and improvement are crucial to our business growth and development. The Group allocates optimal resources in different programs - from professional skills training to personal development. Not only does the Group provide training subsidies and education sponsorships, but it also offers training and development programs with an extensive scope of topics. The program syllabus includes management techniques, technical skills, language proficiency, product knowledge, total quality management, and the rest. With adequate training, our employees are equipped with proper skills and knowledge to face challenges ahead and work towards our collective corporate goal.


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