Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Sustainability


Being a large corporation in the textile industry, corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has always been at the heart of our operation. Over the years, we endeavor to minimize the environmental impact of our practices and commercial activities, and encourage material cycling, energy saving procedures and environmentally friendly packaging of products.


As part of a global trend, CSR has become the goal of almost all corporations. In order to continuously boost this trend, our company is eager to contribute to environmental protection, participate in charitable community events and promote the overall wellbeing of our staff.


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Environmental Protection


Fountain Set Group attaches great importance to environmental protection and regards “waste and emission reduction”, “pollution control and prevention”, and “energy and resource saving” as the key principles of factory construction and production.


The Group is committed to effectively protecting the environment and reducing emission during commercial activities and in production. In response to the green production initiative, Shatin Lake Side has participated in the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) “Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme” (LCMP) and was accredited to the LCPM “Gold Label” for the period 2015 to 2017.The Group has established and has been actively improving the environmental management system in the Production Sites to promote clean production. Production sites have acquired numerous international accreditation for environmental management:


Shatin Lake Side  2019 “Environmental Management System (IAF) Certificate”
Jiangyin Fuhui

2019 “2018 Outstanding Unit of Ecological Environmental Protection of Jiangyin High-tech Industrial Development Zone2”

2019 “Energy Management System (IAF) Certificate”

Yancheng Fuhui

2019 “Environmental Management System (IAF) Certificate”

2020 Soil Test Report




All production sites under the Group have phased out the use of coal water slurry to minimize environmental impacts.


Sustainability and CSR committee


To enhance energy efficiency and mitigate emission, the "Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" was formed in 2009 to propose and practice sustainability initiatives. Under the supervision of the committee, numerous green programs, such as energy saving devices replacement, waste and wastewater recycling and reduction, and process improvement and re-engineering, have been implemented in factories and offices of the Group, so as to promote the green culture within the Group.


Wellness by Fountain Set


To promote and enhance the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the staff, the Company launched the “Wellness by Fountain Set” (康盛系列) which comprises of a series of fitness and health-related events. For example, “Chair Yoga at Workplace” sessions are hosted at the Hong Kong headquarters regularly such that our staff can practice mild stretching together in a relaxing and fun environment. We also invite dietitians to give health talks on various topics and organize occupational health training at our production sites.