Power of Fabricity

Power of fabricity determines feel, function and fabulousity. Our brand "Self Photos / Files - 32" would definitely create consumer's exceptional wearing experience. 


The Self Photos / Files - 32 logo is a trademark of Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited, representing the consolidated brand name of the Fountain Set Group's comprehensive knitted fabric. The text logo featured a clear and concise design in a refreshing green color, which signifies the ultra-comfort it brings to wearers from the meticulously engineered touch of fabric by Fountain Set. It also symbolizes our innovation spirit and the goodwill of “evergreen vibrancy” and thriving enthusiasm of the Group and fabric by Fountain Set.

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With a substantial investment in superior technologies and staff training, we are proud of the perfect combination of state-of-the-art machines and profoundly skilled workers that guarantees the stringent color accuracy. It also ensures that our fabrics steadily meet the highest product standards and consistently raise the bar for the industry. Whatever your request, be it the manufacturing of solid color, yarn-dyed or printed circular knitted fabrics, we can provide these beautiful materials, fast and efficiently, by skillfully monitored mass production.


Whatever your request, be it the manufacturing of solid, yarn-dyed or printed circular knitted fabrics, we can provide these beautiful materials, fast and efficient, by skillfully-monitored mass production.


Full series of Fountain Set functional fabrics include the following:

  • Moisture management series — Dr. Dry®, ComfortonTM, SukoolTM and invisi.driTM, etc.
  • Anti-microbial series
  • Anti-mosquito series
  • UV-protection series
  • Water/Stain repellency series
  • Soil release series
  • Outlast® thermal regulation
  • Eco series — Kapok, Organic Cotton and Original Bamboo, etc.
  • Rainbow Dye - an unique dyeing pattern

fabric by Fountain Set also provides special finishing as follows:

  • Super suede products
  • Imitation suede products
  • Rainy wash products


For more details about fabric by Fountain Set, please contact our Sales Department:

Tel: +852 2425 1010

Fax: +852 2480 4707

Email: sales@fshl.com

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Art of Garments

Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited plays an indispensable role in the supply chain of textiles and garments. It has stood along in bringing Quality and Innovations to textile and garment industry over half a century, offering a dazzling range of textile products and garments of all kinds, casting a charismatic tint of colors on our lives.


Since the launch of its garment business in 1992, the Group has been committed to market expansion through its wholly owned subsidiary - Hiway Textiles Limited.  The Group has been focusing on expanding children wear market. Leveraging the Group's advanced fabric production and printing capabilities, we provide timely one-stop services and quality products to our worldwide clients.

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For more details about garments by Fountain Set, please contact the Sales Department of Hiway Textiles Limited:

Tel: +852 3478 6668

Fax :+852 2480 1711

Email: sales@hiwaytextiles.com

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