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JAN 25
Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited held the senior management team leadership training workshop

Information Sources:Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited (the “Company”) - Corporate Governance Department of the Group

Release Date:2024-01-25


In January 2024, the management team of the Company and its subsidiaries gathered to participate in the senior management team leadership training workshop to enhance professional and management skills and strengthen teamwork.


To create more learning and growth opportunities and foster a shared understanding of advanced management concepts, the Company regularly provides internal training courses or workshops. These training programs are designed based on specific goals and objectives and cover various skills such as management and leadership, teamwork and collaboration, and innovation, which are essential in the workplace.


The Company is committed to exploring the potential of its employees. Through these internal training programs, employees will be able to continuously learn and grow, improve their skills, enhance their knowledge, and improve their work efficiency and career development opportunities. Additionally, these efforts contribute to building a management team with higher professional standards and excellent leadership capabilities.