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Ocean Lanka (Private) Co., Ltd. held Sports Psychology programs for Daily Excellence and Strategic Leadership

Information Sources:Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited (the “Company”) - Corporate Governance Department of the Group

Release Date:2024-02-01


The management team of Ocean Lanka (Private) Co., Ltd. ("Ocean Lanka"), a subsidiary of the Company, has recently engaged in two dynamic Sports Psychology programs. These special training programs provide assistance in mental skills training for performance success, Including improving mental toughness, perseverance and concentration, stress management, confidence-building, etc. Encourage individuals or teams to continuously strive for excellence in their daily work. It enables the team to explore the game-changing status of the mind and body with a focus on physical, psychological, social, and spiritual skills. Understanding the parallels between athletic excellence and strategic leadership in the apparel sector, unlocking the secrets of peak performance to drive innovation and success, and empowering the team with a winning mindset.


As a company that attaches great importance to employee welfare, the Company is committed to providing diversified benefits, experiences, and sufficient resource support for employee growth and all-round development and enhance their overall efficiency and sense of belonging.