Mr. ZHAO Yao
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (the "CEO")
Chairman of Nomination Committee

Mr. Zhao was appointed as an Executive Director on 27 November 2012, and he was appointed as the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Nomination Committee since 14 November 2014. He was appointed as the CEO of the Company on 23 January 2015. Mr. ZHAO has almost 32 years of experience in the textile industry. He joined the predecessor of Chinatex Corporation Limited ("Chinatex"), China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation ("General Corporation") in 1987 and held positions as the Assistant President of Chinatex and the General Manager of Asset Management Department of Chinatex, Chairman and General Manager of Chinatex Xinyuan Assets Management Co., Ltd., General Manager of Chinatex Tianyuan Property Management Co., Ltd., General Manager of Chinatex Real Estate Administration Co., Ltd., Chairman of Chinatex (H.K.) Holding Limited, Chairman of Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd., Chairman of Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator Co., Ltd., Chairman of Shanghai Huade Photoelectron Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Financial Manager of Wah Gar Knitwear Factory Company Limited, General Manager of Suzhou Zhongfa Property Management Co., Ltd., Vice President of Chudai Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chinatex. Mr. ZHAO graduated with a diploma in industrial accounting from Renmin University of China in 1987. In December 2013, Mr. ZHAO obtained Senior Management Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington in the United States of America ("USA").