Mr. NG Kwok Tung
Independent Non-Executive Director
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Member of the Remuneration Committee

Mr. NG joined the Group's Board in 1993 as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Mr. NG is a practising accountant. He is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Palace Banquet Holdings Limited and a Non-Executive Director of Wah Ha Reality Company Limited, both of which are listed companies in Hong Kong. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Licentiate in Accountancy from McGill University, Canada and a Diploma in Chinese Law from the University Of East Asia, Macao. Mr. NG is a Member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec, The Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants, The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong, The Society of Chinese Accountants and Auditors and the Society of Registered Financial Planners in Hong Kong.